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Aramu Muru & The Hayu Marca Stone Forest



San Francisco from the Berkeley Hills

I took a short detour on my way home to check the views of San Francisco and found some interesting cloud coverage over the bay. A short drive home turned into a 2 hour session up in the Berkeley hills. I took a few shots as the sun sat and into the night. it took some experimenting but I settled on a 5 second shutter at 6 second intervals to keep the iso at a low setting. here’s the result.

Fun Times with Time-Lapse

this is the Interstate 5 Aquaduct Vista Point. The name may not fit but that’s what its called on the map. located just west of Newman California, this rest stop offers a panoramic view of the valley.
I shot this with my D5600 and I set it for 3 second intervals for about 45 minutes on a sunny and (initially) cloudy day. I didn’t have a lot of luck as the clouds dissipated soon after I started shooting and the wind caused to camera shake. but nothing that couldn’t be fixed in post, along with the typical time-lapse flicker issues that are typical of these kinds of videos