Graphic Design


appledaysmlx2Just finished the cover and promo art for Appleday. the forthcoming single from musical masterminds Jason Marion and Bradley Clark. although this is a departure from the artwork I did for Prodigal, the apple as the central theme in the image is about as direct as you can get in graphic design, and about as deep as the story behind the name itself, but that’s another story altogether. The aim was something light and colorful and I think we’ve achieved just that. you can already see the art in action and also check out Jason and Brad on iTunes and at CRW.

Apple_Day_ConceptI had a lot of fun working on this piece and working with the guys to find something that fits the song. something lighthearted and brightly colored.. that being said, just like all graphic design work, it went through many iterations before the finding the right look. at the upper left is the official cover art. To the right, an early concept showcasing some text formattingĀ and placement ideas. and below you’ll find some promotional Facebook cover art for the official Facebook page, you can see it in action here. as well as the official Jason Marion website.


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