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    360 Valley View

    my first foray into the photosphere world turned out to be a lot more work then I was planning¬†for, as it turns out it’s a bit more complex then a panorama.¬†…

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    Wisco and Mil-Town

    one final excursion to end 2016. A place where the beer flows like wine, where beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano. A little place called Wisconsin… not the…

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    Isla Iguana

    One of the lesser known places in Panama. Clear waters, white sand and yes, iguanas, as well as a healthy population of hermit crabs. Isla Iguana turned out to be quite…

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    Fort San Lorenzo

    In fear of an impending attack by sea? …There’s a place for that. built in the later half of the 16th century to protect the mouth of the Chagres river. Fort…

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    Panama Viejo

    This is what it looks like after your city gets attacked by pirates, set on fire, destroyed by earthquakes and aged for 500 years. there’s a little more to it then…

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    Tingo Maria

    Nestled between the Andean highlands and Amazonian jungle is a little place called Tingo Maria…