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Emerald Bay and the Joys of creating Panoramas

Photoshop is the most popular image editing application out there, but that doesn’t make it the best solution for every task. like photo stitching, which is something your going to need to do if you want to create seamless panoramas. I’ve been using Photoshop’s photomerge function for some time now but I’ve just recently discovered Autopano which has made the whole process faster and much less cumbersome.

here is a side-by-side of the results, you can see how photomerge failed to stitch the seam perfectly, leaving the image sheared where the original two images met to form the panorama. a common problem that takes a lot of time to fix.


I took a short day trip to Lake Tahoe for these shots of Emerald Bay; the top image is the photoshop image and the bottom is the autopano image. I cropped and corrected the colors but left the stitching exactly as it was produced by the application.

Emerald Bay


Emerald Bay


interestingly enough, photomerge normalized all the photos and erred on the light side, and autopano erred on the dark side. which is usually preferable but it also produced some strange color variation that didn’t correlate to the stitching. nevertheless its typically easier to fix tone issues then it is to fix stitching issues.

one of the biggest problems with panoramas is the time it takes to make sure it’s done right. but with the right tools, I may be posting more of them in the future.



just finished the single art for Jason Marion’s new song “Tapping” wanted to go with a warmer and wispy kinda look that didn’t diverge too much from the accompanying lyric video. not sure if I accomplished that but either way I did find an eye catching design.

Tapping single cover


appledaysmlx2Just finished the cover and promo art for Appleday. the forthcoming single from musical masterminds Jason Marion and Bradley Clark. although this is a departure from the artwork I did for Prodigal, the apple as the central theme in the image is about as direct as you can get in graphic design, and about as deep as the story behind the name itself, but that’s another story altogether. The aim was something light and colorful and I think we’ve achieved just that. you can already see the art in action and also check out Jason and Brad on iTunes and at CRW.

Apple_Day_ConceptI had a lot of fun working on this piece and working with the guys to find something that fits the song. something lighthearted and brightly colored.. that being said, just like all graphic design work, it went through many iterations before the finding the right look. at the upper left is the official cover art. To the right, an early concept showcasing some text formattingĀ and placement ideas. and below you’ll find some promotional Facebook cover art for the official Facebook page, you can see it in action here. as well as the official Jason Marion website.



Rustic-Cross-Cover-lowrezputting in the final touches before this goes to print. your looking at the art for the new single Prodigal from Jason Marion. the new music represents new beginnings, a new direction and purpose. and the artwork means to do the same.
I went with a grungy wall texture for the background and added in some overlays for color and effect, the original idea was to make the cross and text look as if its stamped on a wall, however the end result ended up being something a little more pronounced. sometimes the art decides where it wants to go.

WoS Promo Art

Ban-speakerBan-1x4The Mad scientist aka Jason Marion strikes again, this time he’s hitting the streets of San Francisco with some mean beats and some eye catching art.
Okay so all fluff aside, what you see here is some promotional art for Jason Marion. he’s promoting his new album, Walk of Shame. which was an entirely different but related endeavor.

these are large format prints, or at least are intended to be. to the left is poster art and below is a 1×4 banner. had some fun looking up QR codes (not as tricky as it sounds) the idea being that passers by can easily scan the code and check out the website.

Tree and City

Tree_and_City_layout_smlthere’s a short history of revisions and ideas that branched out of this piece. Sometime back in 2007 I started on this thing.. and now in 2011 I am at a stopping point. one of my favorite projects thus far, not entirely because of what it ended up being but of the process getting there; playing with textures, colors and drawing out the abstract from the normal/expected. I’ll be picking this back up sometime in the future. but for now, this is “Tree and City”