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Fort San Lorenzo

In fear of an impending attack by sea? …There’s a place for that.

built in the later half of the 16th century to protect the mouth of the Chagres river. Fort San Lorenzo still stands as one of the coolest places to visit in Panama. The fort comes complete with cannons and strategic oceanfront views, lots of walls and nooks provide great spaces for hide and seek and if you go in the off season, you get the place all to yourself.


Panama Viejo

This is what it looks like after your city gets attacked by pirates, set on fire, destroyed by earthquakes and aged for 500 years. there’s a little more to it then that but those are the main ingredients. I think it fared well considering.


just finished the single art for Jason Marion’s new song “Tapping” wanted to go with a warmer and wispy kinda look that didn’t diverge too much from the accompanying lyric video. not sure if I accomplished that but either way I did find an eye catching design.

Tapping single cover

The Eastern Sierras

Mono Lake from Cemetery Road

Mono Lake from Cemetery Road

The Eastern Sierra, although beautiful, is much more desert-like then what you see in California’s Central Valley and Highway 395 is the best route to see it, also the only route.  I started in Minden Nevada and traveled south all the way to highway 178 which leads back into the Central Valley.

at about 5 hours from Minden to Bakersfield, highway 395 is the perfect one day road trip through California’s less populated east side. there are long stretches of open spaces to the east and one long mountain range to the west with plenty of photo opportunities along the way, including some nice views of mono lake, open plains, Isabella Lake, the Sierras (of course) and several small towns. View some of the highlights below.

Iquitos and the Amazon

The Gateway to the Amazon

The Amazon is huge and there are many stops along the rivers edge for people to take in the views and local wildlife. I typically avoid the touristy stuff but this was actually pretty interesting. lots of animals, birds, monkeys, fish, etc. and of course some beautiful views of the Amazon. I spent two days exploring the place and each place I visited was different. 2 stops were all about the animals, especially the monkeys, which were a lot of fun. also got to see some giant fish, Paiche, they call them.



appledaysmlx2Just finished the cover and promo art for Appleday. the forthcoming single from musical masterminds Jason Marion and Bradley Clark. although this is a departure from the artwork I did for Prodigal, the apple as the central theme in the image is about as direct as you can get in graphic design, and about as deep as the story behind the name itself, but that’s another story altogether. The aim was something light and colorful and I think we’ve achieved just that. you can already see the art in action and also check out Jason and Brad on iTunes and at CRW.

Apple_Day_ConceptI had a lot of fun working on this piece and working with the guys to find something that fits the song. something lighthearted and brightly colored.. that being said, just like all graphic design work, it went through many iterations before the finding the right look. at the upper left is the official cover art. To the right, an early concept showcasing some text formatting and placement ideas. and below you’ll find some promotional Facebook cover art for the official Facebook page, you can see it in action here. as well as the official Jason Marion website.



Rustic-Cross-Cover-lowrezputting in the final touches before this goes to print. your looking at the art for the new single Prodigal from Jason Marion. the new music represents new beginnings, a new direction and purpose. and the artwork means to do the same.
I went with a grungy wall texture for the background and added in some overlays for color and effect, the original idea was to make the cross and text look as if its stamped on a wall, however the end result ended up being something a little more pronounced. sometimes the art decides where it wants to go.

WoS Promo Art

Ban-speakerBan-1x4The Mad scientist aka Jason Marion strikes again, this time he’s hitting the streets of San Francisco with some mean beats and some eye catching art.
Okay so all fluff aside, what you see here is some promotional art for Jason Marion. he’s promoting his new album, Walk of Shame. which was an entirely different but related endeavor.

these are large format prints, or at least are intended to be. to the left is poster art and below is a 1×4 banner. had some fun looking up QR codes (not as tricky as it sounds) the idea being that passers by can easily scan the code and check out the website.